What’s wrong with ‘Gurudev’ video? ‘Hype train’

A video posted by The Times Of India (@timesofindia) on Jan 25, 2018 at 11:02am PSTThe Times Of India, an English-language online news website, reported on Tuesday that a video on YouTube had sparked a “hype train” of controversy on the internet, with many people saying it showed a “fringe” of the entertainment industry indulging in corruption.

The video shows a series of people dancing on a rooftop of a building in a central Indian city.

The video was uploaded to the video sharing site on January 26.

According to The Times, many users of the website were offended by the “sickening” dancing and even accused the video of showing “hooliganism”.

“A lot of people have taken to Twitter to complain that the video is not authentic,” said a source on the website.

“People are claiming that the people in the video are doing the most extreme things and are dancing to a tune that is obscene.

Some even accused it of being ‘Hooligan-like’.”

According to the source, the video was posted by a “barrister”, who said that it was the work of a “corrupt government official” and that it did not have “the credibility” of a documentary.

“Some people are saying that the ‘corrupt’ official who uploaded the video may have been the one who uploaded it,” said the source.

The source said that the source had “no idea” why the video had been uploaded.

The article said that an “independent expert” had also taken the video down.

“The video is nothing more than a show of corruption,” the source said.

“I would not even be shocked if it were a parody, but the truth is that the whole thing is a hoax and nothing more.

People are going to get offended if they think they’re seeing what they’re looking at.”

According to a Times of India report, some of the comments on the video, which has been shared more than 20,000 times, suggested that the videos were a “showpiece of the Indian government’s corrupt agenda”.

“The Indian government has become a showpiece of corruption and corruption is a state subject.

There is no reason to laugh at it,” one person wrote.

“Gurutty and the government are making the world a better place and there is nothing to laugh about, no matter how ridiculous,” said another person.

The Times of the India said that many people had taken to social media to defend the video.

“There is no other way to explain the ‘Hooley’ reaction than to say that this is a satire of the corrupt government,” said one person.

“This video is one of many such videos showing the utter corruption of Indian political institutions,” said Rajesh Sharma, a senior journalist at the news website.

The YouTube video was “a satire” of an “outrageous and outrageous video of a man who dances naked on a roof”, said the person who uploaded and shared the video to YouTube.

“It is not satire, it is just a video showing how extreme the Indian political system is.

It shows corruption, nepotism and a blatant disregard for the law.

People should laugh at the absurdity of this,” said Sharma.

US ‘should’ declare ‘no-fly’ zone over South Sudan after chemical attack

CNN US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser said on Wednesday that the United States should declare a no-fly zone over the South Sudanese capital Juba, a move that could help prevent the country’s new president from using the country to further destabilize his country.

“There’s a scenario where you might have a situation where the South can be put under a no fly zone,” said Michael Anton, the director of the National Security Council, speaking to reporters at a briefing on North Korea.

“You could have a scenario that it could be an actual no-go zone.” 

Anton said the U.S. has “very clear” intentions to maintain a no flight zone in the country, which was a key factor in President Donald J. Trump’s decision to launch cruise missiles against North Korea last week. 

“The United States is not seeking to topple this government or any government in South Sudan,” he said. 

But he also warned that the U

MSNBC host Linus Tech Tips Golfers on Their Best Ways to Sell Themselves on YouTube

It is hard to know where to begin when it comes to golfers’ best marketing strategy.

They can be pretty creative and effective at their jobs, but the marketing is only part of the equation.

There are other marketing elements that make golfers marketing so effective.

The first and most important of these is their ability to sell themselves on their product.

The second is that they have an incredible ability to identify and build a connection with their target audience.

If you want to sell yourself on something, you should be able to do it with a video.

Let’s look at the three areas where golfers excel the most and where they need to improve their marketing strategies.1.

Sales Strategy Marketing, Part 1: Sales Strategy A few years ago, golfers started to see a lot of potential in their product and sales strategies.

Many had been around for a while and had been successful in other fields, but they weren’t sure what they wanted to do with their time.

Golfers needed something to help them make money.

They needed something that could really help them build a customer base.

One of the best ways to get golfers to understand what they really wanted to sell was through sales, and it was all about creating a strong sales strategy.

A sales strategy is an integral part of any marketing campaign.

You need to understand exactly what golfers are interested in and what they need from their product to sell it.

A successful sales strategy will also help you create the right marketing strategies to target those customers.

Here are a few tips to get you started:1.

Go into your website and create a great website design.

Most golfers will never have the time to develop a sales strategy for their website.

You have to start somewhere.

If your golf product doesn’t have a clear, clear product image, or you don’t have an attractive product image or a clear product description, then you are going to need to figure out a way to create a sales plan.

You don’t want to be building a sales website when your golf club is in your living room and your golf clubs are in your garage.2.

Don’t let golfers think you have a simple sales plan just because you have two pages of images.

The best sales plans come from a well-designed sales plan that is clear and concise.

Your sales plan should be designed to help you target and target your potential customers and to help get them to buy your product.3.

Make sure you use compelling and engaging content.

Golfing is a business and the more compelling your content, the more likely you are to attract your target audience and build more loyal golfers.

If the content isn’t engaging and entertaining, golfing won’t be successful.4.

Don, don’t forget about customer service.

When you talk to golfing customers, you want them to feel comfortable and feel like they belong.

Your marketing plan should include a clear message that golfers can trust.

Your message should be clear enough that golfing players can understand what it is about the product that will make them happy and satisfied.5.

Use a lot and make sure you deliver on it.

The more golfers you have in your golf community, the better your marketing strategy will be.

In the long run, golf can only benefit from more golfing and more sales.6.

Put yourself in the shoes of golfers who have been doing it for a long time and are doing it well.

If golfers have never had any problems at all with their product or their golf clubs, you have plenty of time to help your golfers find their path to success.7.

Learn from golfers on how to create their own sales strategy in their own words.

If this is your first time doing it, you might want to start by looking at a few different golfers that have done it successfully.

You should also take a few minutes to read some of their sales letters and ask yourself if they could use some tips to build their own.8.

Do your best to create something that golf players can be proud of.

This means that your sales strategy should include all of the marketing elements you need to make it successful.

If a golfer has a great sales plan, you are also going to want to make sure that your marketing plan is consistent with the way golfers spend their time, so you should also focus on making sure you have consistent, easy to follow marketing strategies that golf can follow.9.

If they are a first-time buyer, you must make sure they are in good shape to succeed.

You can be very successful as a first time buyer if you follow the rules and do your best.

Here is a list of common mistakes golfers make when they fail to follow the guidelines outlined above.10.

If someone has a bad product image that golf fans don’t care about, it’s time to change the image. If

What’s next for the Man Utd’s big four?

What’s the future of Manchester United’s biggest rivals in the Barclays Premier League? 

We look at the next step for Louis van Gaal’s team, as the Dutchman looks to rebuild his squad. 

With the World Cup on the horizon, Van Gaal has been under pressure to do something in the transfer market for some time. 

Now that the World Cups are over, the Dutch coach is finally looking to shake up his squad to give them the best chance of success. 

United are in a very interesting position at the moment, with the likes of Ashley Young, Jesse Lingard, and Daley Blind all currently unavailable. 

The likes of Radamel Falcao, Juan Mata, Marcus Rashford, and Anthony Martial are also yet to return from injury. 

It’s likely that Mourinho will try and keep the best players he can while hoping to secure some major signings. 

A return to the Champions League for the Blues is another possibility, as are a move to the Chinese Super League, but what’s next? 

Manchester United are the only team that can guarantee themselves Champions League football for next season, so they’re in a position to make some big signings.

What to look out forWhen looking at the future, we can see three distinct areas that United need to strengthen in order to have a good chance of winning the title next season. 

Firstly, they need to improve their defence, as they have been the biggest beneficiaries of Van Gaal’s tactical overhaul. 

Van Gaal’s philosophy of attacking football is similar to David Moyes, and United have a wealth of talent on the defensive side of the ball. 

However, the biggest concern for Van Gaal is that his defensive line has struggled to keep up with the attacking pace of the league. 

He’s done a good job with a number of the new signings, including Ashley Young and Marouane Fellaini, but it’s clear that his side still needs to improve in that area. 

Manchester City are also in a similar position. 

Despite having the likes and talents of Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling in the squad, the Brazilian’s performances have been lacking this season.

Van Gaal wants to add a strong attacking presence in the defence to bolster his side, but he’s still lacking in the defensive department. 

While the likes the likes Manchester United and City have been linked with, it’s unlikely that the Red Devils will be able to bring in the players that Van Gaal requires. 

Arsenal are also linked with some of the big names in the Premier League, with Lukas Podolski, Theo Walcott, and Olivier Giroud all also under contract at the Emirates Stadium. 

At the moment they’re also the only side in the league who can guarantee a Champions League place for next year. 

Meanwhile, the other major threat for United is Real Madrid. 

When looking into the Champions Cup final, it is difficult to pinpoint any one player that would be a big upgrade for Van Man City. 

But what can we expect from Real Madrid in the Champions’ League?

The big players from last season Arsenal have been hugely impressive this season, as their goal scoring and passing have increased every season.

Van Gaal is also known to be a huge fan of Sergio Ramos, and he has already started the season as the club’s leading scorer, as well as leading the team in assists. 

So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Van Man United will be looking to improve on their form this season as they attempt to secure Champions League glory. 

If Real Madrid can’t secure a spot in the final, Van Man will have to make do without any of the players who helped them to their title win last season.

The other big threat for Real Madrid is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is yet to play a minute of football in the first half of the season.

His goalscoring has been erratic at times, with a season of injuries and injury problems putting pressure on the Portuguese. 

Real Madrid’s problems in defence could be a problem for United, as Van Gaal can look to strengthen the back line in order try and ensure that he can win the Champions league again next season and make the trophy his last. 

What to watch forWhen assessing the big games in the next few weeks, the Champions, La Liga, Champions League, and Champions League Final are all key events for Manchester United. 

That means that the players from both clubs will be on the pitch to see who can take them through the group stages, as that will determine who makes it into the last 16 of the Champions Trophy. 

In the Champions tournament, United will face two teams who have shown signs of being formidable this season: Bayern Munich and Real Madrid  The German giants have shown glimpses of what they’re capable of, as Bayern Munich have already won two league games, while Real Madrid have lost just once. 

Both teams have had huge seasons, and the two sides are favourites to win the league

The first-ever Windows Phone 8.1 beta release is live!

A beta for Windows Phone’s upcoming operating system has been live for a little over a week now.

And while it’s still not perfect, the preview is showing some really interesting things.

Windows Phone 8 is the first phone to use a Windows 10 desktop environment, which means we’ll be able to look at the OS’s UI from a new perspective than what we’re used to on Windows phones.

And for developers, it’s the first time that they’ll be given the opportunity to get started right away.

The preview was available for Windows 8.x, 8.2, and 8.3.

The current preview is only available for people with a Windows 8 computer, so you’ll need to have Windows 8 to try it out.

And with it being Windows Phone 7.1, it can’t run on any other OS, so this preview is basically an unofficial preview of Windows Phone 10.

If you have a Windows Phone device and want to try Windows Phone 9, you can find the latest preview in the Windows Phone Store right now.

How to be a seo specialist

The word “specialist” has been around for centuries and there are literally hundreds of different specialized jobs, from salesmen to accountants to lawyers.

But the field is increasingly looking to hire people who can specialize in a new field: information technology.

The job market for information technology specialists has become increasingly competitive, with companies increasingly looking for candidates who can help them create their own platforms, manage their employees, and design their applications.

And it’s a booming field.

Google has created more than 2,000 positions in the field of information technology, including hundreds of new jobs.

Some of these are paid, some are unpaid, and some are part-time.

But for many, they’re the perfect way to make ends meet.

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Viacom Inc. to Pay $12.5B to Buy CBS All Access for $11.8B

ViacOM, Inc. (CBS) announced Wednesday it will pay $12,500 a share for CBS All-Access for $19.8 billion in cash and stock.

Viacoms shares fell about 3.3 percent in premarket trading.

The deal was completed during a meeting in New York on Tuesday between Viacomm CEO Philippe Dauman and CBS chief executive Les Moonves.

Viacom, the largest TV and entertainment company in the U.S., owns CBS and Showtime, among other channels.

Moonves had told Dauman he would sell off a lot of CBS properties and the two sides worked out a deal that will allow Viacomo to pay for CBS for a shorter period of time.

Moonkes’ deal with CBS will expire after 2020.

The transaction will create the world’s third-largest pay-TV company after Disney and Time Warner.VIA Media Group, which owns the CBS broadcast network, said it would pay $4.4 billion in stock, which includes $4 billion from CBS, to be paid out over the next five years.

VIA Media’s board will also receive $4 million in stock.CBS said Viacomed will pay the cash, but it won’t receive any cash.

The company said the transaction will result in a net cash flow of $9.5 billion for the company.

Viasa, Viacamerica, which also owns CBS, CBS Interactive and other networks, said VIA will pay an additional $4,200 a share to cover the transaction.

Viament, Viasa and Viament are all owned by France-based Viacome.

Viaments chief executive, Christian Bacher, said in a statement the deal is a landmark moment in the history of the television industry and he’s delighted to be part of it.

“Viacomm and CBS share a common mission and shared vision to continue to deliver original content and programming across all platforms.

We look forward to a successful partnership, and look forward with the continued support of our shareholders and partners,” he said.

How Google Power will make your life easier with the latest smart appliances and gadgets

Google Power is a powerful cloud-based smart home automation solution that can help you stay organized and make smarter decisions.

It can automatically turn on the lights, turn off the air conditioner, or switch off the lights and air conditioning in a matter of seconds.

It’s also smart enough to automatically shut down a house and set it back to sleep, so it’s great for home or office environments where you need to keep the lights on all the time.

Google Power is also available in the Google Cloud Platform for cloud-connected appliances and home automation systems.

You can even integrate Google Power into your own smart appliances to automatically turn them on and off automatically.

To learn more about Google Power, read the Google Power whitepaper or watch this video.

When D.C. is at its most dangerous: ‘The Big Short’ star talks about ‘the worst movie of the year’

It’s hard to remember when D.P. Smith was on top of the world.

He’d already earned a Grammy for his song “Downtown” and, with his new album, “Biggest Loser,” he had the world on his side.

But the Big Short, a movie about a failed Wall Street broker who buys a home and a car in a housing bubble, was already a sleeper hit.

The film earned Smith an Oscar nomination for best picture, and the soundtrack went on to sell more than 5 million copies worldwide.

“The biggest movie of this year was a bad movie, and it was one of my worst movies,” Smith told Rolling Stone magazine in a profile published last year.

“It’s hard not to be a little bit sad about it.

I think I’d still rather watch it than the other movies.”

As it turned out, it was only the beginning.

As Smith’s career and career in Hollywood blossomed, his reputation was being damaged.

He was the subject of a slew of sex abuse allegations, including one involving a woman he had a romantic relationship with.

And the accusations only continued.

Smith filed for bankruptcy protection in 2011, after losing his home and his movie rights.

He said that he had been diagnosed with a rare and severe form of dementia, but he refused to go public with the diagnosis until after the end of the decade.

In 2017, he opened up about the past with his longtime producer, Chris Gould, and talked about the future.

“I’m not going to do this movie again until the end,” Smith said at the time.

“And I won’t do it for another two years.”

“The Big List” chronicles Smith’s recovery and how he came to realize that his career was over.

The actor is in the midst of a comeback tour, which includes appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

He is also planning a documentary on his life.

And he’s set to make his first foray into acting at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend, when he’ll be in Los Angeles to speak at the Screen Actors Guild’s Awards Ceremony.

For Smith, the experience was “like waking up on the morning of a hurricane,” he told Rolling Out in an interview.

But he said that his time in the spotlight was the most fulfilling of his career.

“This is where I learned to be more patient, to have more of a heart to me, and to embrace the journey of being who I am,” he said.

“If you want to have the greatest career, you’ve got to have that little bit of patience.”

“When I’m sitting here, I feel the same way I feel in the beginning,” Smith added.

“Because I’m like, this is the best time of my life.

This is what I’ve been waiting for.

This feels like the end.

This felt like a dream.

This was like being in a dream, and I’m really excited.”

Read more from Rolling Stone:

The power of the selfie to make you more socially conscious

The power to make the world a better place is now here, and in the hands of our generation.

We all have a responsibility to create a world that is inclusive of everyone and we all deserve to share the power.

If we all use social media to do it, the world is a better and safer place.

Here are some ways you can use your social media platform to reach out to others, whether it’s to share a smile, a story, a picture or a comment.1.

Use hashtags to spread the word.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to social media is getting people to share your content.

Social media platforms are often used to spread news or share information about a topic.

But it’s also important to use hashtags.

A hashtag is just a simple word or phrase that is followed by an image or video.

This can be a photo of a group of people, or an emoji.

You can also tag people with a hashtag that you want to share with them.

If you’re posting a photo, use hashtagging to add context to the photo or share the photo with your friends.2.

Use #yelp to connect with friends.

To get started, share a link to your page using the hashtag #yellp.

If someone has the same topic or a similar request, you can share the hashtag with them so they can find your page and connect with you.

For example, you could say #yela, or #yepel, and people who share your page can find you and you can connect.3.

Find people who can help.

A great way to get people talking about your content is to connect on Instagram and Twitter.

People are often more likely to share photos or videos when they can be easily identified.

If a friend of yours shares a photo on Instagram, they can search for you and follow along with the conversation.4.

Share the news with your family and friends.

Social sharing on Instagram is the most effective way to spread your message, especially if you have family members who might be interested in reading about your story.

A photo posted to your Instagram account with the hashtag hashtag #yoastwedding is a great way for your friends to discover and talk about your wedding, and you could even tag the photo and include the hashtag on your Instagram post.

This will help your friends and family to know about your event and your wedding.5.

Share your favorite story.

It’s important to share stories that connect with your audience, whether you’re sharing a funny story or a heartwarming story.

Whether you’re an artist, a journalist, or just a storyteller, sharing your favorite stories on social media can help connect with and inspire your audience.

If your story is about something special that you’ve been thinking about, share it in the hashtag of your favorite photo, video, or story.

For a more in-depth look at how to use hashtag and image sharing on social networks, check out our guide on the best social media platforms for your business.6.

Use hashtag hashtags on your own posts.

If the photo you’re looking for is not one of your own photos or is not a popular image, use the hashtag in your own post to show off what you’ve done.

If that photo or image is a trending image, you might be able to add it to your photo gallery or even your bio.

If it’s something you’d like to share on your personal blog, tag it with the #yeshit hashtag to share it on your blog, social media, or any other social media site you have a blog on.7.

Tweet with #yelling.

When it comes time to share something with your followers, it’s important that you’re using hashtags so your fans can share your post.

When you’re tweeting, it may seem like you’re trying to keep it brief or to keep the audience quiet, but you’re actually sharing more with your Twitter followers.

For that reason, it is important that your tweets have hashtags attached to them, so your followers know what they’re seeing and hear.

Here’s how you can do it:1.

Add the hashtag to your tweet.

If no hashtags are included, your tweet will contain a simple picture of your smiling face and will be tagged with the word #yelled.2: Add a hashtag to the end of your tweet so your audience knows exactly what you’re about to say.

If they see the hashtag, they will be able see your tweet and know exactly what’s in it.3: Tag a photo with the hashtags you just added.

This is where you’ll want to tag the image to show that you shared it with your favorite people.

You might also add a tag to the image so your friends know exactly who you’re talking about.

For more information on tagging photos on social, see How to Tag Photos on Social.4: Include the hashtag and/or the name of the image in