‘A lot of us have been asking: Where are all the new technologies?’

A lot of people are still in the dark about the future of artificial intelligence.

But a few of the brightest minds have already laid out some exciting ideas for what they hope the future holds.

The future of AI is in your hands: The Future of Intelligence has released a series of reports outlining how AI will shape the future.

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“We’re at the beginning of a period where we’re seeing the most interesting advances in AI, and I think that’s where a lot of these new technologies are going to play out,” AI expert and former Google executive John Mueller told CNBC on Tuesday.

Mueller was one of the first people to predict the advent of artificial general intelligence in 2012.

Now he says the time is ripe to see AI taking over all jobs, and the new technology is starting to take shape.

He says the biggest challenge for AI is finding new ways to make machines think more intelligently.

That could include a robot that can think like a human, but with less empathy and sensitivity to human feelings.

“If we do that, I think it would be a lot easier to make the world a better place,” Mueller said.

Matter of fact, Mueller says he believes humans will soon be able to do more in the world than just work for a living.

“There are people who do all kinds of things that I think are really, really exciting,” he said.

But there are also challenges for AI, including creating jobs that are both more useful and less expensive.

“I think we’re heading toward a very interesting period in the future where AI becomes the new driver for everything,” he added.