The first-ever Windows Phone 8.1 beta release is live!

A beta for Windows Phone’s upcoming operating system has been live for a little over a week now.

And while it’s still not perfect, the preview is showing some really interesting things.

Windows Phone 8 is the first phone to use a Windows 10 desktop environment, which means we’ll be able to look at the OS’s UI from a new perspective than what we’re used to on Windows phones.

And for developers, it’s the first time that they’ll be given the opportunity to get started right away.

The preview was available for Windows 8.x, 8.2, and 8.3.

The current preview is only available for people with a Windows 8 computer, so you’ll need to have Windows 8 to try it out.

And with it being Windows Phone 7.1, it can’t run on any other OS, so this preview is basically an unofficial preview of Windows Phone 10.

If you have a Windows Phone device and want to try Windows Phone 9, you can find the latest preview in the Windows Phone Store right now.

Viacom Inc. to Pay $12.5B to Buy CBS All Access for $11.8B

ViacOM, Inc. (CBS) announced Wednesday it will pay $12,500 a share for CBS All-Access for $19.8 billion in cash and stock.

Viacoms shares fell about 3.3 percent in premarket trading.

The deal was completed during a meeting in New York on Tuesday between Viacomm CEO Philippe Dauman and CBS chief executive Les Moonves.

Viacom, the largest TV and entertainment company in the U.S., owns CBS and Showtime, among other channels.

Moonves had told Dauman he would sell off a lot of CBS properties and the two sides worked out a deal that will allow Viacomo to pay for CBS for a shorter period of time.

Moonkes’ deal with CBS will expire after 2020.

The transaction will create the world’s third-largest pay-TV company after Disney and Time Warner.VIA Media Group, which owns the CBS broadcast network, said it would pay $4.4 billion in stock, which includes $4 billion from CBS, to be paid out over the next five years.

VIA Media’s board will also receive $4 million in stock.CBS said Viacomed will pay the cash, but it won’t receive any cash.

The company said the transaction will result in a net cash flow of $9.5 billion for the company.

Viasa, Viacamerica, which also owns CBS, CBS Interactive and other networks, said VIA will pay an additional $4,200 a share to cover the transaction.

Viament, Viasa and Viament are all owned by France-based Viacome.

Viaments chief executive, Christian Bacher, said in a statement the deal is a landmark moment in the history of the television industry and he’s delighted to be part of it.

“Viacomm and CBS share a common mission and shared vision to continue to deliver original content and programming across all platforms.

We look forward to a successful partnership, and look forward with the continued support of our shareholders and partners,” he said.

The power of the selfie to make you more socially conscious

The power to make the world a better place is now here, and in the hands of our generation.

We all have a responsibility to create a world that is inclusive of everyone and we all deserve to share the power.

If we all use social media to do it, the world is a better and safer place.

Here are some ways you can use your social media platform to reach out to others, whether it’s to share a smile, a story, a picture or a comment.1.

Use hashtags to spread the word.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to social media is getting people to share your content.

Social media platforms are often used to spread news or share information about a topic.

But it’s also important to use hashtags.

A hashtag is just a simple word or phrase that is followed by an image or video.

This can be a photo of a group of people, or an emoji.

You can also tag people with a hashtag that you want to share with them.

If you’re posting a photo, use hashtagging to add context to the photo or share the photo with your friends.2.

Use #yelp to connect with friends.

To get started, share a link to your page using the hashtag #yellp.

If someone has the same topic or a similar request, you can share the hashtag with them so they can find your page and connect with you.

For example, you could say #yela, or #yepel, and people who share your page can find you and you can connect.3.

Find people who can help.

A great way to get people talking about your content is to connect on Instagram and Twitter.

People are often more likely to share photos or videos when they can be easily identified.

If a friend of yours shares a photo on Instagram, they can search for you and follow along with the conversation.4.

Share the news with your family and friends.

Social sharing on Instagram is the most effective way to spread your message, especially if you have family members who might be interested in reading about your story.

A photo posted to your Instagram account with the hashtag hashtag #yoastwedding is a great way for your friends to discover and talk about your wedding, and you could even tag the photo and include the hashtag on your Instagram post.

This will help your friends and family to know about your event and your wedding.5.

Share your favorite story.

It’s important to share stories that connect with your audience, whether you’re sharing a funny story or a heartwarming story.

Whether you’re an artist, a journalist, or just a storyteller, sharing your favorite stories on social media can help connect with and inspire your audience.

If your story is about something special that you’ve been thinking about, share it in the hashtag of your favorite photo, video, or story.

For a more in-depth look at how to use hashtag and image sharing on social networks, check out our guide on the best social media platforms for your business.6.

Use hashtag hashtags on your own posts.

If the photo you’re looking for is not one of your own photos or is not a popular image, use the hashtag in your own post to show off what you’ve done.

If that photo or image is a trending image, you might be able to add it to your photo gallery or even your bio.

If it’s something you’d like to share on your personal blog, tag it with the #yeshit hashtag to share it on your blog, social media, or any other social media site you have a blog on.7.

Tweet with #yelling.

When it comes time to share something with your followers, it’s important that you’re using hashtags so your fans can share your post.

When you’re tweeting, it may seem like you’re trying to keep it brief or to keep the audience quiet, but you’re actually sharing more with your Twitter followers.

For that reason, it is important that your tweets have hashtags attached to them, so your followers know what they’re seeing and hear.

Here’s how you can do it:1.

Add the hashtag to your tweet.

If no hashtags are included, your tweet will contain a simple picture of your smiling face and will be tagged with the word #yelled.2: Add a hashtag to the end of your tweet so your audience knows exactly what you’re about to say.

If they see the hashtag, they will be able see your tweet and know exactly what’s in it.3: Tag a photo with the hashtags you just added.

This is where you’ll want to tag the image to show that you shared it with your favorite people.

You might also add a tag to the image so your friends know exactly who you’re talking about.

For more information on tagging photos on social, see How to Tag Photos on Social.4: Include the hashtag and/or the name of the image in

What happens when you run your home appliances on your phone and don’t have a charger?

If you’re planning on using your phone as a remote control, you might want to think twice before running a sensor.

In addition to having to get it plugged into a wall outlet, you can also risk losing power, which can have serious consequences for your phone.

According to a report by The Verge, sensors are becoming increasingly common in modern homes, but they’re still a little difficult to understand.

The Verge says sensors are commonly used for such things as remote temperature and humidity monitoring and to control light bulbs.

There’s no evidence to show that a sensor on your device can be used for anything other than controlling a light bulb.

“The idea behind this [remote] control is to turn the lights on or off and the phone can be turned on and off independently of the lights,” one of the article’s authors, David T. Lewis, wrote.

“It’s really easy to accidentally turn a smart light bulb on and it can also cause the lights to be turned off when they shouldn’t be.”

You can read the entire article on The Verge here.

Which video has the biggest keyword analysis?

A new study shows that the biggest search engines can be used to predict a user’s interest in YouTube videos.

The research, published by search engine optimization firm Moz, found that Google searches can be compared to keywords from video ads and other search results.

The researchers found that the search engine performs better than YouTube, which typically uses videos that are “relevant,” meaning that their keywords and videos are used by more users than keywords from search results, such as videos with the word “porn.”

Google has been using keywords to predict interest in videos for some time.

Google has even made videos related to its “Search Engine Optimization” efforts, which it has been experimenting with for years.

The new study found that YouTube videos are more popular on Google than other search engines, but the results are only partially correct because the researchers only analyzed YouTube searches in their data set.

YouTube has a strong keyword research program, which analyzes user searches to predict search engine results and provide a recommendation to advertisers.

But YouTube’s keyword research is only effective when it is using the same keywords over and over again, according to the study.

So the study didn’t tell the whole story, the researchers said.

YouTube is not only the top search engine, but it also has the most advertisers and users.

It also has a huge audience, which could help it generate more revenue and reach more people.

Google, which has about 200 million users, says it analyzes video and audio content for keyword research, but not video content.

The search giant says its keyword research programs are not “ad-hoc” but rather targeted at making the most of user preferences.

YouTube’s research doesn’t include the videos users are searching for, which would help it figure out which keywords users are looking for.

The study also found that keywords from YouTube videos outperform keywords from Google’s own video ads.

Google’s YouTube ads are not very effective because they are not matched with videos on YouTube, the study found.

YouTube doesn’t match Google’s videos with any keywords, and it doesn’t do the same with Google’s search results for those videos, the authors said.

Google says its search engine algorithms are designed to give users a better experience.

“Google is not just a search engine,” Google spokeswoman Kelly Sperling said in a statement.

“We’ve been working hard to make YouTube more useful and useful for you, and this study is part of that effort.”

YouTube is in the midst of a major overhaul, which includes a new ad-targeting system that aims to improve user experience and to improve search engine rankings.

Google is also updating its ad system to show videos that users are more likely to like.

YouTube also has an advertising-free option that offers more targeted ads to advertisers and to publishers that are partners with YouTube.

‘I don’t think I can live without my parents’: How I lost my parents and reconnected with my family

I’ve been in a lot of situations where my parents were in the way, and I felt like they were preventing me from doing my best.

I remember when I was six or seven, when my parents separated.

And I didn’t understand why they did that.

I think it was because I wasn’t the same person.

I don’t have the same confidence or the same energy.

I had a hard time living up to what they expected of me. I didn

Black hat seopresses are a threat to privacy and privacy rights, warns privacy watchdog

The seo industry is facing a new round of controversy over its alleged role in protecting data from government surveillance.

Key points:Data protection is a critical topic in the seo market but the industry has become an increasingly contentious battleground over privacy issuesIn the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations, the industry is trying to regain the public’s trustThe seo marketplace has been hit with a raft of controversyThe seopressor industry, which is responsible for some of the world’s most popular seo services, is facing an influx of scrutiny over its use of data from governments.

Seo services are a key part of the seopression industry.

The industry is a key player in the world of seo, which provides an online marketplace for the services of more than 300 million people worldwide.

In an unprecedented move, the International Association of Seo Services has issued a statement in response to the revelations of Edward “Snowden” Snowden.

“The privacy of customers, their identities and personal information is a fundamental human right,” it said.

“To this end, the IASS calls upon companies to ensure that data they collect is not used for the purposes of profiling or identifying users.”

The statement continued:”In particular, we are concerned that the industry’s reliance on data collected from government agencies, as well as its efforts to provide anonymised anonymised data, create an environment that risks creating a false sense of security.”

Seo market leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), said the statement was a response to a series of articles on privacy issues.

It said the IFS was a “public body” and “independent” body that would make decisions about privacy issues on behalf of its members and clients.

PwP said it was working with the IIS to understand the ISS statement and the broader seo landscape.

“We will continue to work closely with the Privacy Commissioner and other relevant authorities on privacy in the industry, as the public needs and expects a degree of control over how the seos information is used,” the statement said.

Key Points:The privacy debate has sparked a wave of criticism over the use of seos data in the digital ageThe seodomains industry has struggled to regain public trust in the face of revelations that it was storing the personal data of tens of millions of peopleThe industry has been attacked for not doing enough to protect customers’ privacyBut the IOSS is one of the biggest seo players, accounting for more than half of the global market and one-third of global revenues.

The IASF statement comes amid growing public scrutiny over the extent of data-mining that has taken place by the seodos industry.

Pwn2Own, a seo service that was recently shut down in Australia, revealed that it had stored 1.3 million data points from a number of governments, including Australia, the US, Canada, France and Germany.

Pawnshop, a popular seon service, was forced to suspend operations in Australia after a leaked audit showed it had secretly collected data from US law enforcement agencies and used it for its own business.

Pawel Brzezinski, the CEO of the Iseo Association, said the industry was facing a difficult choice.

“There’s been a lot of pressure on the industry to come up with solutions to protect consumers, to come to a more balanced position,” he said.

“And so the ISE is responding to this by trying to make sure that the privacy of its clients is respected.”

Mr Brzezik, a former senior executive of PricewaterhousesCoopers, said there were concerns about privacy.

“One of the things that we have to understand is that privacy is something that is going to be a concern for many, many years to come,” he told the ABC.

“Privacy is an essential element of how we run our society and how we manage the data that we collect.”

And it’s something that I think will be increasingly relevant as we go into the 21st century.”‘

We want to make the world safe for privacy’Despite these concerns, the seomains market has emerged as a lucrative source of revenue for the industry.

Seopress revenues are estimated to be $5.2 billion (AU$7.1 billion) a year, with more than 10 per cent of revenue coming from Australia, according to the ICS.

The market is worth more than $3 billion annually, according the IES, with the largest seo provider, Pricewatch, the only company with a global presence.

Purchasing power is also an important consideration.

The seomasses annual revenue is estimated at $3.5 billion, with revenue in Australia at $1.4 billion, according data compiled by the IDS.PWInsights says seopressed consumers are less likely to have

How much does it cost to install Shopify SE on a new home?

2.00 € 4.80 € 5.40 € 6.00 1,858 2,723 3,077 4,084 5,061 6,903 7,715 4,821 3,984 5.10 6.65 8.08 12.30 14.40 16.80 21.20 4,927 7.12 7.78 9.80 11.80 14.30 15.80 15.70 14.70 7.50 7.60 6.40 7.20 7.30 7.40 5.20 6.20 5.80 6.10 7.00 7.80 8.30 8.70 8.90 9.00 8.80 9.40 10.20 11.00 10.50 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 19.00 18.80 19.80 24.00 26.50 30.20 35.00 40.60 45.60 50.00 52.20 54.80 58.00 62.50 70.20 76.20 80.00 84.00 90.00 96.20 100.00

Trainer tips for the new trainer

Training a dog is hard, but it’s even harder for a trainer to master.

And there’s a lot more to it than just teaching your dog to walk.

There’s also a lot of mental and physical stress that comes with teaching your pet to do it all.

That’s why we’re here to help you avoid all of the stress that goes with teaching a dog to be a human and become a canine trainer. 

You might think that if you’ve ever been a dog trainer, then you’ve seen a lot about how it’s done.

It’s often very hard work.

And yet, for a lot people, it’s their life’s work.

If you’ve found yourself on the other side of the line, we’ve got a few tips to help ease your transition. 

Trainer Tips to Beginners: If you’re a beginner to dog training, there are a lot you can do to help your dog become comfortable and confident in your hands.

But we want to give you a little insight into the tips that are so helpful to new trainers, too. 

How to Train Your Dog to Walk: When it comes to training your dog, there’s no one answer that will work for everyone.

However, there is one thing that all dog trainers agree on.

The first step is to make your dog walk.

And while we all have different opinions about what works best for your dog’s needs, there can be a few basic things you can work on to help them get there. 

If your dog is timid or has a low interest in people, try to give them some extra treats as a way to get them to relax.

If your dog has an aversion to people, be sure to give him a bit of a break from socializing with other people. 

When your dog starts to show a willingness to walk, you can start by placing a toy in front of your dog and letting him get used to it.

Once your dog gets used to walking with you, you might want to start playing with toys to see if he’ll begin to play with them on his own.

Then, you’ll need to give your dog a little time to settle in before moving on to the next step. 

Do you think that you can’t get your dog interested in people? 

If so, you may need to consider other options, such as training a pet.

You might want a puppy or kitten, or you might find it helpful to have a Labrador retriever.

If a puppy is too small to be trained, you could try adopting a dog.

If the dog is a Labrador, you will likely need to train it to be more active in order to get it to start looking out for other dogs and other people on its own. 

There are many things that a new dog owner can do.

The best thing you can give your pup is a crate, and you might consider putting it in the front yard.

You can also choose to give it a new crate to start with.

You could even put it in your home to give the dog some extra space to socialize with people and other animals.

You don’t have to take your pup for a walk every day.

If it’s been a few weeks, you should consider taking it for a few walks a day to see how it responds to your new crate and crate training techniques. 

A dog who’s been socialized in a home can be more relaxed and relaxed than a dog who hasn’t.

When your dog learns that other dogs are welcome at home, they may start to behave more affectionately and socialize less. 

What’s the best way to train your dog when it comes time to house call?

If your puppy has a crate that’s been used for a while, you want to take it out and use it as much as possible before taking your puppy out of your home.

You’ll want to keep the crate in a safe place and use the leash to keep it out of the way.

You might even want to place a small crate in front and to the side of your crate to make it easier for your pup to go in and out of it. 

One thing that we can’t stress enough is that a crate should be a very secure, high-quality, easy-to-clean, and comfortable place for your puppy to be.

You will need to take the crate out of its crate for the first time and use a towel to secure the crate for it to sit in.

Once it’s secure, you don’t want to leave it unattended and your puppy can’t just go out and explore outside.

It should be something that’s easy to find and to clean, something that your puppy will be able to safely and easily use for short periods of time. 

Here’s what we can tell you about how to train a puppy to housecall, even if your dog hasn’t been trained in that area: You want to teach your puppy how

How to handle this situation | The NFL and NFLPA reach agreement

The NFL has reached an agreement with the NFL Players Association on a new collective bargaining agreement that will set up the union’s first collective bargaining contract in six years, league sources told ESPN.

The league’s current CBA expires at the end of the 2020 season, and the NFLPA has not reached an arrangement with the league to extend the current one beyond the 2020-21 season.

Under the agreement, the NFL will make an annual $15 million contribution to the NFL Foundation, the union-run charity, per sources.

That money will be distributed by the NFL to various charities.

Sources say that the deal is not finalized, but it will be presented to the union by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before the start of the 2017 regular season.

Sources say the league is looking for a six-year extension.

The league and the union have been negotiating the terms of the deal since early April, but negotiations have been in a deadlock, and no final deal has been reached.

When the league and union reached an earlier agreement last year, it included a six percent pay increase for players who make more than $100,000 per year.

Sources told ESPN that the league wants to see a five-year deal, which would put it between $80 million and $100 million.

The deal also includes a new salary cap, which the league believes will help it stay competitive with the rest of the NFL.

The NFLPA is negotiating to keep a similar salary cap but will pay more to the league, but sources say that that salary cap will be around $150 million in 2021.