Google to sell local SEO business to Google Seo

Google is set to sell its local SEO company, Local SEO, to the search giant, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The move will be part of the search engine giant’s broader restructuring plans, according to the newspaper.

Google acquired Local SEO in August, as it shifted its focus to search.

Local SEO was part of Google’s acquisition of Yandex, which specialized in local search.

The deal is set for an initial valuation of $300 million, according a Google spokesperson.

Google’s other local SEO businesses include Google Search, Local Ads, and Google Local.

The company will reportedly continue to operate its existing local SEO service as well as its newly acquired local advertising business.

Google recently expanded its local search offering to include the company’s search engine ads and search results, which include ads and reviews for local businesses.

Google Local is one of Google Search’s flagship services.

Local Ads is Google’s online advertising platform.

It is used by businesses that advertise on Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Local Search, a subsidiary of Google, offers local search, a service that allows users to find nearby businesses and products.

Google Seop has been serving as Google’s regional sales and marketing director since 2011.

The search giant recently announced plans to spend $100 million on a new ad targeting system, as part of its plan to grow its advertising revenue.