How do you keep your customers happy? Here’s how to make them feel better about your product…

Here’s a tip that will make your customer feel better: Offer them something that will actually be useful.

For example, if your app has a task that’s really important to you, like opening a bank account, then you can offer it as a bonus for people who open the bank account first.

It will be a great motivator.

You can even offer a coupon that they can redeem for a free subscription.

If you don’t have a great reward or a great incentive, you will get frustrated.

You’ll have to reevaluate what is important to your customer and what they need in the app.

So, offer a free trial if you have a very small trial, a free week if you are already on a trial, and so on.

A great incentive is a free app, which is like a bonus that your customer is getting for doing the right thing.