How to make your etsy listing look professional in the post-Brexit world

A year after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, Etsy, a social-media platform, has started making its sellers’ names more visible on its platform.

And the company is taking steps to address its customers’ concerns.

The site says it’s removing links to the U., U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom from all its listings.

Etsy says it plans to continue doing this for as long as it believes it’s ethically appropriate.

The site also has a policy that makes clear that “an individual listing will be removed if it has been made with the intent of promoting, promoting, or otherwise endorsing any product or service.”

Etsy says that it has received several complaints from people who feel that their listings have been removed because of their political views.

The move comes amid mounting concerns about how the U: UK vote will affect the future of etsy.

Etsy’s CEO, David Sacks, told The New York Times that Etsy’s policies will protect the privacy of customers and make the platform safer.

He said he expects Etsy to be able to continue to operate as it has in the past.