How to turn your Facebook feed into a blog post service

If you have a Facebook account, you can use it to create a blog or to promote content.

Facebook has recently launched the ability to turn articles and posts into posts on your page, with the goal of turning your posts into a revenue stream for your company.

Here are five simple steps to getting started.


Create a blog with You’ll need a WordPress account, but you can get started easily.

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to a free trial and a blog that you can edit.

You’ll then need to sign up for a Premium account, which comes with paid WordPress tools and hosting options.

To learn more about the free WordPress account option, check out our guide to getting your WordPress blog up and running.


Create your first blog post.

WordPress allows you to create your own posts with the WordPress blog plugin.

This can be used for your content marketing efforts.

If you’re not sure what you want to write, you should go through the WordPress tutorial.

For now, however, we’re going to focus on creating a simple article.

Once the WordPress article is up and you’ve entered your post title, you will be able to tag it with a title like “A short story on how to get started with WordPress”.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you may have your first WordPress post up in a couple of minutes.


Tag the article.

Now that your WordPress post has been created, you’re going in to the WordPress editor and adding the article to your post tags.

The article should be tagged with the following: title: A short story about how to start with WordPress article title: Your first WordPress article The article title will determine the content you can include in the post, such as the title of the post or the author name.

If your article title is different than your article content, you won’t be able use the WordPress tag feature.

The tag should also include the URL to your WordPress site, which will help you to easily find the post.

The best part is, you don’t even need to add the WordPress name to the article title, which is usually where you would see it on Facebook.

When the article is ready, you need to remove the article tag.

For this tutorial, we’ll be removing the tag, but there are many other ways to do this.


Save your post.

Once your article has been tagged with your post’s title, the post will appear on your site.

After you’ve saved the post and removed the article tags, you must go back to the main WordPress dashboard and navigate to Edit posts.

Click the Edit post button to add a new post.

In the right sidebar, click Add post to add your new post to the list.

You can then add as many links as you want.


Post the article now.

Once this post has appeared on your website, you have two options.

You could tag the article with your name, but it will only appear on the site.

Or, you could simply include it in your post and you will not see it appear on Facebook, so you can’t promote it.

You may also want to tag your article with the title, so Facebook will know where to link to it.

First, click the “Tags” tab in the left sidebar, and then select the article you want your article to appear on.

You will now see a list of the tag options available.

Select the tag option that best matches your article.

When you’re finished, you want the “Add to posts” button to appear.

Click this button to save the changes you’ve made.

Once saved, your post will be ready to be shared on your Facebook page.

The only caveat to this is that the WordPress Blogger plugin does not have a way to post a post that doesn’t include a title tag.

You need to tag the post with your article name.

So, to add my article to the Facebook posts list, I would use the following steps: 1.

Enter the title tag of your article 2.

Enter a URL that is valid for the page to which your article belongs 3.

Enter your blog post title 4.

Click Add post.

You should now see your article appear on both your Facebook and Facebook News pages.

The most important part here is the article link.

Facebook allows the posts to have an author and a link, but the posts that appear on Google+ are not.

The Google+ link will not appear on a Facebook post, and the Facebook post itself will not have an actual link.

So how can you use this?

Simply click the Facebook links on your posts and you’ll be able get the link on your blog.

This link will take you to your Facebook Page.

Once it’s up and working, you just need to create the Facebook link on the blog.

When a link is created, it will automatically show up in your Facebook posts, as well as on your Google+ profile page.

So if you create