How to use Google Chrome with HTML5 video

Google Chrome for Android offers HTML5 videos, but they are only available through the Chrome Web Store.

To watch them, you need to download the HTML5 app, which is available for $1.99.

The app also includes an option to stream the video in real-time, which can be useful for those looking for an alternative to YouTube.

Here’s how to use the Chrome for Google Android app to watch a video on your Android device.


Download the HTML app to your Google Chrome computer 2.

Install the Chrome web browser on your computer 3.

Enter the following URL into the address bar of your Chrome computer 4.

Select Download from the left-hand navigation menu 5.

Enter in the URL of the video you want to watch 6.


You can use any browser on Android, including Google Chrome, Firefox, or IE9, which means the video should load instantly.


Using Google Chrome on Android