How to watch a vlog in 2 easy steps

The vlogger’s key skill is making the viewer want to watch more. 

But what if you don’t want to make the viewer buy your stuff? 

That’s where a new service called VideoStarter comes in. 

And it’s a great way to get some cash out of a viewer. 

If you’re not a big fan of vlogs and don’t care to go through the trouble of buying a new computer, tablet or smartphone, VideoStarters site will allow you to buy a video camera, flash, or some other small gadget that you can use to record the vlog. 

VideoStarter has partnered with a company called Aperture, which sells flashlights, and has a list of camera accessories that can be used to make your own videos. 

For example, you can buy a small flash and set it to record a video. 

The app allows you to upload your video to YouTube and share it with your friends. 

In theory, it’s pretty simple to use VideoStaders app and create a vid. 

You just have to select one of the videos that you want to record and then click the upload button. 

Once the uploads are complete, the video can be watched by anyone. 

This method has worked well so far. 

A handful of vid uploaders have already uploaded videos and posted them to YouTube. 

There’s no charge for using VideoStader, but you can only get a free trial after paying $3.99. 

To get started, you have to first register for a video sharing account on VideoStark. 

Then, when you’re signed in to VideoStair, you’ll be able to select a video to record. 

From there, you should see a list with the names of the uploaders and their videos. 

 If you want more options, you could try to create a video from scratch. 

Go to VideoShack and click the Upload button. 

 Then, click the Add Video button. 

  Once you’ve added a video, you need to select the size of the video, the angle, the color and the video format. 

Here are some of the options available: HD 1080p (HD is best), 720p, 720p(480p or 480p is best). 

Alternatively, you might want to try editing your video and getting it in an SD card format. 

 Now, you’re ready to record your video. 

 To record a vignette, select a location and press the Record button.

You’ll need to upload a video that you made and choose a location. 

After that, it should be ready to be uploaded. 

That process is different for every video that comes through VideoStart, but most of them will be in the format of 1080p. 

Now that you’ve uploaded a video and it’s ready to go, you will need to set it up. 

On the VideoStalker home page, you must first click the “Upload” button. 

   Then, you’d like to go to “Video” and click “Add Video.” 

   The VideoStacker app will show you options. 

 From there you can select a format from SD, SDHC, SDXC, SD, or HD. 

SDHC is best, SD cards are not recommended. 

HD is the best format to use because it allows you more room to edit the video. 

   Once you have your video set up, you don:a.

Choose a camera that you think is appropriate for your vlog b.

Set up your video c.

Select a date range d.

Choose the speed of your video (it’s best to choose fast) e.

Choose whether you want the video to be in HD or SD. f.

Add the time stamp of the day. 

 It will take a few minutes for VideoStarry to upload and start recording your video, so you’ll want to wait until the app is up and running before going to bed. 

 You can also watch the video on your PC using an app like iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Premiere. 

Finally, you want your video uploaded as soon as possible so that you don?t miss it. 

Because you’ve got to wait to upload, the app won?t upload your videos until after you’ve completed the task. 

So you need your videos to be ready by midnight. 

Even with this caveat, you?re still going to be able record your videos.

So, how does it work?

When you click the Video Stader button on the VideoShark home page you will be taken to a menu where you can?t just select the video you want. 

 Instead, you also need to click the button to upload the video and choose where to save it. 

 After that is done, you simply need to choose where your video should go, then hit the upload.  Once it