‘No More Sex With Your Wife’ – A woman says she can no longer have sex with her husband because of his online writings

A woman claims that her husband has ruined her life by writing about her in online forums, saying she is no longer allowed to have sex because of the writings.

Amber Levenson, who is married to Mark Levensons son and is the author of The End of Sex, says that she has been sexually assaulted in her home by her husband, who was not married to her.

She told ABC News that her father has been reading her personal life and her family’s private affairs on his website.

He is currently the owner of the website Seo Copywriting, which is dedicated to helping men copywrite.

Levenson said that her ex-husband, Mark Levasons son, had written about her and other women on his blog and the writings had been viewed more than 25,000 times.

He has not responded to ABC News’ request for comment.

Levesons son has not been criminally charged in connection with her claims, according to ABC.

A source familiar with the case told ABC that the case is still being investigated.

Levasons father has denied his son’s allegations, according the source.ABC News has reached out to Mark and Amber Levenseks attorney for comment on the case.ABC’s Rachel Levensen contributed to this report.