US-China trade war intensifies: US trade official

AUSTIN — With the Trump administration and the United States trading more aggressively, China has stepped up its threats and trade pressure on the United Nations, saying Washington should “stop its bluff and act in the interests of the people of the world.”

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Wednesday warned the United Nation’s chief economic regulator against using its power to impose new tariffs, calling the move “ridiculous” and a “big waste of time.”

China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres should stop his “insulting and irresponsible” threats to impose tariffs.

Lighthizer told the U.S.-China Business Council on Wednesday that the United Kingdom should “put its hands behind its back” and “stop the bullying” of the U,S.

and other countries.

The trade war between the United State and China has accelerated under Trump, who has made a series of attacks on Beijing, calling it a currency manipulator and a threat to world peace.

On Tuesday, the president said he would not “accept” China’s rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact that the U the world’s second-largest economy is negotiating with 11 other countries in a bid to free up trade.

The president said the deal could be dead in the water if Beijing doesn’t “stop this trade war and get its act together.”

Lighthizers comments came in a meeting with Chinese business leaders in Austin, Texas.

Laws passed by Congress have made it tougher for China to block trade agreements, but Lighthizers administration has said that would not be enough.