US ‘should’ declare ‘no-fly’ zone over South Sudan after chemical attack

CNN US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser said on Wednesday that the United States should declare a no-fly zone over the South Sudanese capital Juba, a move that could help prevent the country’s new president from using the country to further destabilize his country.

“There’s a scenario where you might have a situation where the South can be put under a no fly zone,” said Michael Anton, the director of the National Security Council, speaking to reporters at a briefing on North Korea.

“You could have a scenario that it could be an actual no-go zone.” 

Anton said the U.S. has “very clear” intentions to maintain a no flight zone in the country, which was a key factor in President Donald J. Trump’s decision to launch cruise missiles against North Korea last week. 

“The United States is not seeking to topple this government or any government in South Sudan,” he said. 

But he also warned that the U