What do you do when your health insurance plan ends?

A former health care consultant is calling on Congress to extend coverage of Obamacare’s private insurance plans in order to allow the program to keep going without the subsidies it was originally designed to provide.

In a new video posted Monday, Scott Bixby, who co-founded the insurance consulting firm Avalere Health, explained how insurers are losing money under the Obamacare system.

“We’re losing $40 billion a year on the Obamacare plans, and it’s getting worse every year,” Bixberson said.

“The fact that the Congressional Budget Office says that Obamacare is going to cost more than the entire federal budget in 2019 is just staggering.”

It’s costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars every year, every year.

“According to Bixbillerson, Obamacare’s subsidies provide insurance companies with a small tax credit that can offset some of the cost of insurance.

But the federal government will not provide the money to insurers until Congress passes a bill that would extend those subsidies.”

So we’ve got to get the federal subsidy,” Bresson said.

The federal government has said that it will not extend its insurance subsidies until the Congressional budget process has been completed.

Bixback says he and other insurers are “livid” at the situation.”

I think it’s a terrible situation for the country and for the people of the country,” Biscott said.