When President Trump tweets: ‘No one has more power over the media than me’

The president, who has used his social media platform to lash out at journalists and criticize the media as he has at critics in the White House, has frequently been accused of using Twitter as a weapon of political warfare.

He also regularly tweets about the media, frequently with the hashtags “#fake news,” “CNN sucks” and “#PizzaGate.”

On Monday, the president shared a message on Twitter about a tweet that said CNN’s Brian Stelter, “has had a long history of being the enemy of the American people,” and also said that he “wasnt happy” when “CNN got its nose in the real news business and got hurt.”

The president has also repeatedly questioned the accuracy of the news media, including CNN’s reporting on the president’s inauguration.

On Monday night, he wrote, “It was totally fake news and CNN was a loser!”

He also tweeted that he thought CNN “is not a leader anymore, but it’s getting better.”

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted, “Fake news is no longer news.

It’s propaganda and it’s the enemy.”

He added that “Fake News has become the enemy, the enemy has become fake news.

Fake News is our enemy, Fake News has taken over the news.”

On Wednesday, the White, House, the Capitol Police and the Secret Service released a statement saying the president was not under investigation and “has never been.”

They also did not say if there was a probe into his tweets.

In a statement, CNN spokesperson Erin Gensler said that the network was “disappointed” that the president would “take the gloves off.”

She said, “The president is a public figure who has a tremendous amount of influence over the coverage of the country, and CNN stands behind him and is confident in the fact that the American public will not be fooled by his false and unsubstantiated accusations.

CNN stands ready to defend our journalistic standards, as we always do.”