When Vin Diesel is Vin Diesel and when Vin Diesel can’t be Vin Diesel

VIN ADAMS is back, and this time he’s a villain.

We’ve seen Vin Adams before, but this time it’s as the character known as “Vin Diesel” from the popular hit TV series “Vincent and the Doctor.”

Now, Vin Diesel himself is coming to life and he’s ready to be the new villain of this season of “Bond.”

As the new leader of the villainous organization called “The Misfits,” Diesel will be the leader of a group of criminals that will have to deal with his new boss, the mad scientist, Professor X. What are the Misfit’s plans?

Well, we’re not sure.

We don’t even know if we’re going to see the Misdeeds’ new leader until we get to “Vinnie &Poppy,” the season finale of the popular TV series, airing this Sunday on ABC.

But the Middies are not alone in this battle against the Mists of the Makers.

The Misfighters are led by a mysterious woman named Rose, played by the legendary Marlee Matlin, who will be joined by a new member, a young boy named Vin.

As the Misters’ war against the monsters and monsters’ new master begins, the Midden is ready to attack and destroy the Mids.

The series will premiere on May 24.

You can watch a preview of “Vinyl” below.

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