Which new TV shows will be best-selling on Amazon?

New TV shows have the potential to sell a lot more on Amazon, according to an industry source.

While the TV market is crowded, there is no shortage of shows in the works and the potential for a bump in sales is enormous.

“It’s just about every show you can think of,” said Richard DeAgostini, the CEO of the market research firm Ahrefs.

“It’s really a matter of where it is and what the market wants.”

He pointed to Hulu’s “The Leftovers” as an example of a new show that has already sold well on Amazon and that could easily become the next big hit on the streaming platform.

“They’re selling pretty well, but that show is not a huge hit, and the market hasn’t seen that yet,” DeAgosi said.

He said Amazon has also seen some success with original programming.

In 2017, it bought “The Expanse” for $250 million, and it has been developing the drama “The Handmaid’s Tale” for several years.

“We believe in that,” De Agostini said.

“They’ve proven that they can build an audience that wants to watch a lot of quality TV.

And if we can do that, they’ll be there.”

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