YouTube’s tips for getting started as a video channel

In a move that is sure to make YouTube stars a little more cautious, YouTube has announced that all videos created by people over the age of 18 will now require parental consent.

The change will apply to any videos created on YouTube by anyone over the same age.

While it will be possible for the new rules to be relaxed in future, the company is not taking the step lightly.

“The age of majority is a crucial decision, especially in a social network like YouTube,” said the company in a blog post.

“Our goal is to make it easy to make videos that are suitable for kids of all ages.”

This will be particularly true if you have been making videos for a long time.

The age limit will be raised to 18 years old by July 1.

“It will be easier for parents to get a handle on what content is appropriate for their kids,” the company said.

“With this change, parents will have more control over what content their kids see on YouTube.”

While YouTube is making the move in an effort to ensure children have a better experience watching videos on the platform, there are some concerns around the implications of the change.

While the company will allow parents to make content for their children’s viewing pleasure, it won’t allow children to watch videos at home.

“Children who are younger than 18 have a harder time finding safe, appropriate, and legal channels to watch,” the video streaming site said.